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About Us

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About KUN Decorate

A aluminium furniture manufacturer and exporter with differences in quality seamless weld and perfect bend. Outstanding in lightness, durability, being noncorrosive and variety in colors

& Functional,

​We are a manufacturer and exporter of quality aluminum furniture for over 15 years. From the year 2004, we started to fully operate to create our designs from stainless and aluminum for both indoor and outdoor under the “KUN” trademark. KUN is a brand of Aluminum and other metal design furniture (coming soon). Our concept design combines the hardness of aluminum with a soft touch feeling including a lively variety of colors. It fulfills your place in the new image you need. Moreover, the shape of the structure was uniquely created to fit with only our product.

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With exotic furniture types, KUN decorate is a unique design work that has been created by the selected talented designer. Once design screening, the handicraft will be produced in a preliminary frame in basic form. The quality assurance part starts in detail every part and check throughout the process. The particular part needs to recommend in detail by experts who understand the objective of each collection and inspiration. Most collections will reflect the emotion, mood, feeling, and culture in each design in a different way. Unsurprised KUN handicraft is not only chic furniture but also a decoration that can enhance your aesthetics with indoor and outdoor usage.

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